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Deák St. Kitchen Branding


Brand Identity

We were approached by the Ritz Carlton Budapest to design the interior and brand identity of their F&B offers during the hotel’s refurbishment.

When assessing the needs of the hotel, it was identified that there should be a strong standalone restaurant and a lounge café. We worked with the client on the naming for the main restaurant and chose Deak Street, naming it after the street agains the hotel, on which there is an entrance to the restaurant.

The client’s brief was for the restaurant to have a strong independent and local feel, with emphasis on wine and grill. The restaurant was also to have an extensive Hungarian focused wine list. Wine and wine labelling proved a subtle source of inspiration, which was followed through in the branding and interior details.

We also took inspiration from the local history of the area, incorporating curated art and photography into the newly refurbished space and traditional inspired brand identity. The logo features the year the restaurant was opened, being 2016. We combined this modern indicator with a traditional logo aesthetic. Materials we chose to incorporate included textured ‘butcher like’ paper, wooden clipboards with heavy metallic clips.