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Le Gavroche Bathroom

Mayfair, London

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The Award-winning bathroom is often featured as one of the 'Most Instagramable Loos in London' as noted by Vogue in 2018.

B3 Designers were asked to redesign the ladies washrooms at Le Gavroche.

They were to be in keeping with the overall design of the classic French restaurant, which is traditional, but to incorporate some feminine touches. The challenge for this project was to refresh the space, but still to make it fit in with the rest of the restaurant.

The new WC is evocative of a boudoir, clean and classically elegant. Large gilt French gold mirrors line the walls, which have grey wooden panelling to the lower sections. For the flooring, porcelain tiles were cut to size to create a herringbone pattern.

Traditional sanitary fittings were used, such as high-level cistern pull-chain toilets and a turn of the century styled sink. Antique hand mirrors were sourced to decorate the walls, and an antique chair was repaired and recovered to give it new life.