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Royal Opera House Branding

Covent Garden, London

Brand Identity

Our brief was to create a solution which would allow the Paul Hamlyn Hall at the Royal Opera House in London, to create a makeshift, intimate Afternoon Tea environment during the afternoon, before returning to a Champaign bar in the evening.

Our solution was beautiful concertina screens which would evoke a sense of intimacy for the sophisticated tea offering in the vast Paul Hamlyn Hall and to integrate the influence and vibrancy of the Royal Opera House. Inspiration for the screens’ design came from the exotic flower market, which previously stood in the very same place of the Paul Hamlyn Hall.

The graphic style was inspired by fauvism and features rich colours, which evoke the decadence of the Victorian era, reflecting the quality and meticulous detail of the exquisite Victorian glazed windows at the end of the hall.

The fabric was digitally printed on after extensive colour fast testing and comparisons within the studio. The colourfast testing ensures the vibrancy of the colours over time and ensuring the screens to remain timeless.

We also embraced the opportunity to create graphic design elements in the form of an adaptable, vibrant pattern, which could be applied to the screens as well as to the menus and product packaging to evoke continuity throughout the space