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The Archduke

Southbank, London


Following the successful refurbishment of Black & Blue in Waterloo, B3 Designers embarked on another refurbishment of the steak and burger restaurant chain’s nearby jazz venue, The Archduke.

The Archduke was one of the first restaurants and wine bars to open on Southbank in 1979. Framed for its spectacular architecture, it is carved from under the railway arches of Waterloo station – its exposed arched brickwork a design feature shared with its nearby sister restaurant.

The Archduke’s redesign gives a subtle nod to the Art Deco era, reminiscent of the jazz age. This was created through reworking the balustrade inserts, installing the conservatories black and white floor tiling, dark patterned carpet, wall tiling, bathroom lighting and the mezzanine bar top light feature.  

The arrival area was designed to feel more spacious, with the main wall being treated with antique-coloured mirrors, set in fine timber framed panels. These provide a perfect backdrop to the space’s grand chandelier.

The front of the bar is clad with new dark- fluted timber, while LED-illuminated bar shelving provides an atmospheric ambience.

Complementing the venue’s live music offering, black and white photographs of jazz legends are displayed throughout the space.