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The Big Dog

Marriott, Berlin

Restaurants / Brand Identity / Hotels

Marriott Berlin, centrally located on the border of the old West and East Berlin, approached B3 Designers to design the interior and brand identity in their new restaurant and take away offering focused on ‘sausages and beer’ to attract the hotel’s guests, tourists and Berliners alike.

We were tasked with developing a full brand concept and an interior to match. It needed to be a bright and open destinational hub for those looking for an authentic yet fun, fresh and modern take on Germany’s favourite food, the sausage.

We loved the freedom to be playful in its branding and interior design and so developed The Big Dog.

Using the sausage to its fullest for our inspiration, the interior was designed with the pink, red and mustard tones associated with the sausage and its most favoured accompanying condiments, mustard and ketchup.

We used a mixture of materials to create the vibrant and alluring interior; red concrete coats the floor and undyed concrete created the bar counter. Bright mustard-yellow tiles cut a bright strip through the ketchup-coloured tiles fronting the bar and the deep red ceiling.

Black accents in the ceiling pendants and stool legs as well as bright blue table tops cut through the hotdog-colour-laden space to inject a splash of contrasting interest to the palette.

The colours were toned down, using pinks, whites and a pared-back use of the mustard and ketchup colourings to allow for an informal, open and relaxed dining area. Oak chairs and table tops add to the feeling of a comfortable yet fun space.

For the branding design, we were tasked with creating the full brand and its collaterals from scratch including name, logos, menu design, and OS&E including uniforms, paperware and mural art, stationery, etc., colour scheme, tone of voice and even the digital assets for the website as well as full guidelines for all future branding within the site.

We created the jovial Big Dog character and sourced fonts and found the restaurant’s tone of voice, working with the interior to create a complementary and cohesive brand that is modern, fresh, bold and fun.