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Tom's Kitchen

Birmingham, UK


Offsetting its contemporary surroundings with a homely, heritage feel, this 120 cover restaurant blends brasserie-style elegance with the warmth of a convivial kitchen.

Located in The Mailbox, in the heart of the city, Tom’s Kitchen Birmingham is the sixth restaurant, bar and deli to open under renowned British chef Tom Aikens.

Exceptional seasonal produce is at the core of the concept, which is why you’ll find walls lined with candid portraits of Aiken’s suppliers. Artfully positioned displays of wine, meat and cheese help keep the ‘product to plate’ ethos front and centre, as does the large open kitchen, where diners can enjoy the theatre of chefs at work.

A central bar breaks up the dining space, framed by a vast steel gantry that creates both impact and intimacy. Luxe touches, such as the Emperador marble bar counter and bespoke brass chandeliers, add polish. Brickbond tiles, wood-panelled walls, expansive banquettes and oak parquet flooring lend the space a modern-classic feel that’s in keeping with the menu of upscale comfort food, British favourites and seasonal specials.